Pepper Sion :

Red color is taken from the word pepper that spice up everyone

Blue color is from the international distribution system through ocean

Pepper Sion Pte. Ltd. was established in 2013 and we are the sole international distributor company of PT. Ultra Prima Abadi (UPA) and PT. CS2 Pola Sehat (CS2). Together with a massive globalization market in the world, we are expanding greatly to 39 countries through the entire continents. We distributed wide product range, such as Food & Confectionery, Candy, Sweet Water (Drink), and Personal Care. These products consist of approximately 18 brands which are famous in Indonesia and neighborhood countries, such as Tango, Fullo, MintZ, Formula, Teh Gelas, Oops, Vita Jelly Drink, etc.

You could see detail information of products from Product page.

With the success story of UPA and CS2 products in Indonesia, we are ready to introduce their products and let people around the world to enjoy and experience the benefits and unique taste from their products.

In purpose of having maximum business activity and product availability in all international markets, we have been actively involved in several marketing activities. Some of them are by participating in international exhibitions, business gatherings, and conferences. For more details and information for our next exhibition, you may visit our News.


We took the products directly from our Principal. They are PT. Ultra Prima Abadi and PT. CS2 Pola Sehat. Each principal produces their own unique products. For example, PT. Ultra Prima Abadi, is the manufacturer of Food & Confectioneries products, Healthy Drinks products, and Personal Care products, while PT. CS2 Pola Sehat is specialized in manufacturing Sweet Water (ready-to-drink Tea and Jelly). UPA and CS2 have gained popularity in Indonesian market for more than decade. With numerous factory located across Jakarta and Java Island, our Principal are ready to fulfill your market needs.


With the experience in serving customers in Indonesia, PT. Ultra Prima Abadi is not only fulfilling the standards given by NA-DFC, but also has gained International Certification, such as ISO 22000 Certificate for Food Safety Management and ISO 9001 for personal care products. 

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